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and people to God while serving our campus and the world.

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Welcome to Religious Life!

We strive to provide an environment that supports and enhances the spiritual walk of the McMurry community.

McMurry University

Creating an inclusive community

That allows faculty, staff and students to become fully devoted Christians for the good of the whole world.

Welcome to the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. Our mission is to build a community of love for all faiths and worldviews and to create an authentic and hospitable environment through which the students, faculty, and staff have opportunities to grow in their discipleship of Jesus Christ.

Use this link for prayer requests. They can be anonymous if you prefer.

During this season of social distancing, we invite our McMurry community to pay special attention to the following announcements:



Rev. Marty CashBurless
University Chaplain &
Director of Religious
& Spiritual Life

Email Rev. Marty


Julia Puac-Romero
Assistant Chaplain

Email Julia